Live Video: Amber Vilhauer and FrontRowFoundation’s Jon Vroman Talk LAUNCH!

What if you had the opportunity, to not only improve YOUR life, but DEEPLY impact the lives of others? Meet Jon Vroman, co-founder of Front Row Foundation a place where they help create life-changing experiences for people battling health challenges. Jon is no stranger to the launch process. Having launched an overwhelmingly successful book of hit own, which he has been able to leverage in an incredible foundation for his speaking career. He has agreed to come shine some light on what HE thinks makes for a wildly successful launch as we approach the exciting AuthorUpLive event

We could NOT miss this opportunity to ask your BURNING QUESTIONS, regarding what HE thinks makes for a KILLER LAUNCH! 

We talked about so many really insightful topics, including:

  • What it took to have a successful launch of Jon’s book
  • How he got 100 Amazon reviews day ONE
  • What a Street Team is and how he got 200 people to commit to his
  • How he leveraged the book to scale his high-paying speaking career
  • and much more!

Also, learn all about FrontRowFoundation, including a story that is a MUST HEAR.

We can all do and GIVE more. And Mike/AJ/I can too.

We have just a few short week  until and Early Bird discount pricing ENDS THIS WEEK. When you use the code FRF at checkout, we are DOUBLING DOWN and donating $1,000 to FrontRowFoundation!

This is too much value to pass over!

You don’t want to miss this Live Stream episode which supports YOUR next launch… as the countdown continues toward our event June 3-4!

So, if you are ready to do and GIVE a little more, this is one video you wont want to miss!    

Speaking of launches, have you heard about AuthorUpLive?

AuthorUpLive is today’s most innovative marketing & LAUNCH intensive for authors, speakers and coaches. The event is happening March 23rd and 24th, 2020 at the famous Rock Lititz!

AuthorUpLive IS A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE… and your opportunity to work directly with the team behind the bestselling business books PROFIT FIRST, THE PUMPKIN PLAN and CLOCKWORK to design a marketing campaign that will not only sell books, but convert readers into ambassadors for you and your business.

  • Get FULL ACCESS to the marketing and LAUNCH plan that industry’s leading strategist Amber Vilhauer helped design for Mike Michalowicz’s next book, which will be published by Penguin-Random House in 2020.
  • Rather than talk at you in a boring conference room for two days… Mike, AJ and Amber will co-create with you in a workshop setting, using our private plans and processes to help you map your own strategy for launch. (And… at a state-of-the-art facility chosen by the world’s biggest celebrities for their most intimate, special events!)
  • Although authors stand to gain the highest advantage, any speaker or coach can use our most creative, innovative and sophisticated ideas to launch your next book, workshop or online program!
  • With a full commitment to transparency… we will allow you to take home our spreadsheets, contracts and other documents to use for your own massive, global book launch… PLUS, most importantly, you’ll understand how that leads to the development of a multi-million-dollar business.
  • And, because you need to start with a great book, master writer AJ Harper will reveal her book development and editing process.

Learn all of the details, who’s coming, how it benefits you and the cost by clicking here >>

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