Live: Dave Smith and Amber Vilhauer on Building A Community To Support Your Business

Don’t over complicate it. Learn to let your community help carry you!  Tune in to hear Community Building and Launch Expert, Daves’ take on the 3 most critical, yet simple components to a successful launch.

New to Dave?

Dave Smith is a certified personal trainer and weight-loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional.” He helps women from around the world exercise better, eat healthier, and get the results they’ve always wanted. The Online Trainers Federation is all about helping you develop your online health & fitness business so that you can reach more clients around the world!

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask this fitness POWERHOUSE the BURNING QUESTIONS about what he thinks are some of the MOST critical factors that lead to a successful launch

What I asked Dave:

  • You have trained and certified more than one thousand personal trainers in successfully launching an online business. A mutual client just landed another customer, which added thousands of dollars per month to his bottom line. What you teach obviously works. In your mind, what are some of the MOST critical factors that leads to a successful launch?
  • I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an influencer more dedicated to their community. You are constantly in the trenches giving HIGH, detailed value to your people every single day. You know I’m preaching that it’s the community that drives a more significant launch. Can you talk a little bit about your beliefs around the community being the power behind growing a business? Why spend so much time with your community? And what are some ways you build engagement, loyalty and participation?
  • Looking back on aaaaallll of the launches you’ve participated in (both for your projects, and largely as a consultant for so many others)… what are a few creative hacks or tricks or strategies you thought of that you’re most proud of, or that were most successful?
  • Any last suggestions you’d have so that our listeners can prepare for the most significant launch possible?

This is an interview you DO NOT want to miss!

Lean in and take note as we continue to count down to AuthorUpLive with this powerful Live interview series with some of the TOP AUTHORITIES in INFLUENCE, CONNECTION, and LEVERAGE.

Come and learn this MASTER community builder tips, tricks, and hacks you will need to create an OVERWHELMINGLY successful launch!    

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  • Get FULL ACCESS to the marketing and LAUNCH plan that industry’s leading strategist Amber Vilhauer helped design for Mike Michalowicz’s next book, which will be published by Penguin-Random House in 2020.
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  • Although authors stand to gain the highest advantage, any speaker or coach can use our most creative, innovative and sophisticated ideas to launch your next book, workshop or online program!
  • With a full commitment to transparency… we will allow you to take home our spreadsheets, contracts and other documents to use for your own massive, global book launch… PLUS, most importantly, you’ll understand how that leads to the development of a multi-million-dollar business.
  • And, because you need to start with a great book, master writer AJ Harper will reveal her book development and editing process.

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