A Memorable and Creative Way to Introduce Yourself to an Influencer

Have you ever wanted to reach out to an influencer, but you don’t know how to approach that person because you don’t already have an established connection? You’ll love this creative hack that you can use to introduce yourself while offering value and standing out from the crowd.

AuthorUpLive’s Amber Vilhauer knows how challenging it can be to get the attention of an influencer who probably receives dozens of emails each and every day from people asking for favors (Will you promote my book? Will you endorse me?). That’s why she uses this effective hack that helps get her noticed and remembered.

Take the time to stand out.

If there is an influencer who you’d love to partner with on a joint venture, chances are many others would love that same opportunity. This is why it’s not enough to simply reach out – you have to stand out.

By taking a little bit of extra time and going above and beyond, you will significantly increase your chances of making that connection and pursuing an exciting new opportunity with someone you respect and admire.

In the video below, Amber shares this must-know tip that you can use to creatively introduce yourself to influencers while demonstrating that you’re about giving value as much as you are about getting value.

Amber is letting you in on:

  • How you need to prepare before you actually reach out
  • Why you have to make it about the other person first
  • How to use social platforms to increase your chances of making that important connection

If you’re ready for a quick tip video that can make a big partnership opportunity with a respected influencer a reality, you’ll want to watch this video now! 

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