The Simple and Powerful Tip You Need for an Evergreen Book Launch

If you’re an author with an upcoming book launch, you need this powerful and effective tip that will increase awareness around your book and grow your social media presence! The best part? Your social following will eagerly spread the word – because there’s something in it for them, too!

AuthorUpLive’s Mike Michalowicz knows that the success of your book launch depends on your ability to generate excitement and build your online exposure. People won’t buy and enjoy your book if they don’t know it exists!

You need the power of an evergreen book launch.

What’s an evergreen book launch? Basically, it’s one that naturally builds momentum and keeps people talking about your new book!

By strategically utilizing social media, you invite large audiences (potentially hundreds or thousands of people!) to help promote your book. And when you follow Mike’s advice, they’ll be excited to help you!

In the video below, Mike shares this must-know tip that you can use to maximize your social media exposure, give back to your loyal supporters and help ensure a successful launch.

Mike is letting you in on:

  • Why an evergreen book launch works
  • A simple and powerful idea that your social following will love
  • How to get your audience involved and excited

If you’re excited by a 1-minute tip video that can make a huge impact and lead more people to discovering your books, you’ll want to watch this video now! 

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