How Building a Community Leads to a More Successful Book Launch

If you’re an author with a book coming out, you’ll want to leverage the power of community to help ensure a more successful book launch! It’s not only effective, but also a whole lot of fun.

AuthorUpLive’s Amber Vilhauer wants you to know that you don’t have to have all of the answers, or be an image of perfection, to build your community. You can start building a community right now that will have a big impact down the line. Whether your book launches a month from now, or a few years from now, you can start building a loyal following who will love feeling that they’re part of your success.

Remember, the people who follow you do so because they like you and they believe in you. So why not invite them deeper into your world?

There is a lot of power in your community.

When you invite people in and encourage them to be part of your success, to share ideas, to celebrate with you…you build a group of fiercely loyal people who will likely be your biggest supporters come launch day.

In the video below, Amber shares how you can easily start a private Facebook group, invite the right people and nurture them along your journey. Your book launch will be so much more significant and profitable as a result.

Amber is letting you in on:

  • Who you should invite to your new community
  • What you should share, ask and talk about
  • How to make it beneficial for everyone

If you’re ready for a quick tip video that can make your upcoming book launch a huge (and more meaningful) success, you’ll want to watch this video now! 

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